Accommodations and Transportation

Host Hotels – Rates Available for July 5th – 8th, 2019

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Car Services

These are just a few car services available in Seattle.  Of course you have the option to go through the rental car agencies for your transportation needs.  The Emerald City Classic (ECC) has no commitments to these services. This information is for your information.


Light Rail

If you’re staying at host hotel in downtown Seattle, you can board the light rail to the hotel from the airport.  Stop at the International or University Station.  If you want to go out on the town within the Capital Hill area, board the light rail from the International Station or the University Station to the Capital Hill Station.

For more information on light rail fares and schedules, go to Sound Transit Light Rail

Light rail is the best mode of transportation going from and to your hotel while having a fantastic night life during your visit to Seattle.

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